Greg - 6/04/2013 6:38 AM
Here’s a tip...if you need a buddy to Mermet Springs, one way is to post a forum topic like this with a couple weeks advanced notice. Another way is to visit the dive site section, search for Mermet Springs, click the "Who’s Been Here" tab and visit the profiles of other divers that have been there. Chances are, they live nearby and would be willing to go again. Send a few of them a direct message to organize a future trip.

You can also use our Scuba Earth page, click on IL near Mermet Springs and it will display everything within 100 miles. From there, you can click on an icon that represents Scuba Divers and send them a direct message from the pop-up window on the map. Quick and Easy :)

And be sure to include the state name or abbreviation in future forum topic titles so it shows up on the local info page.