Rich-D-Fish - 3/02/2013 4:13 PM
My personal favorite is Kauai. Laid back island. And you have access to Niihau (The Forbidden Island), which is incredible diving, some say the best in Hawaii. I would say anywhere in Poipu (South shore) is good to stay. I stay in Princeville (North shore) when I stay because I own a timeshare there. But other than some good shore diving on the North shore, most of the diving is off the South. At least all of the dive shops/boats are there. I’m sure they are all good, but I use Seasport Divers when I am there. http://seasportdivers.com/ I used them for my one trip to Niihau and LOVED it! And if you ever do that trip I highly recommend getting a prescription for a seasick patch from your doctor. It’s a long bumpy haul back to Kauai and my patch made me the only one who didn’t toss cookies the whole way back. Good shore and boat dives off the South shore as well.

Maui is a close second. I’ve dove the Molokini crate inside, and I hear the backside is incredible if you can get enough AOW divers to do that drift dive. The Cathedrals at Lanai are uber cool. Turtle Town says it all. There is a great Hammerhead shark dive now that I have yet to try.

I haven’t been to Oahu to dive yet, but hear there are more wrecks there. And I haven’t been to Kona (Big Island) yet, but the night manta ray dive there is on my bucket list. I don’t thing you can go wrong with any of the Islands to be truthful. Enjoy!