csemenko - 1/09/2011 4:45 AM

Greg, I figured since a Calendar topic existed I would ask my question here.

For a Dive Club calendar...I figured out how to post to mine (I am the administrator for)...can all club members post to the calendar or do I set permissions, etc?

I have several Soldiers in my unit who dive or want to dive and I am going to send them invites to Dive Buddy.com and they all already said they wanted a unit Dive Club, so I started one. My intent is for everyone to post dive trips and allow others to reply / show up without having to individually e-mail everyone to see who wants to dive.

My vision is 1. Post to the calendar, 2. Everyone either a. Receives e-mail notices about updates or b. everyone is dedicated and check DB.com daily, 3. Those interested go diving, and 4. Post de-brief / blog and pictures for those who didn’t and for those who did but didn’t have a camera.