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Buying Gear
wcarlile - 4/04/2009 5:11 AM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 11

Where all do you get your gear? Please let me know?

GypsyDiver - 4/04/2009 7:32 AM
I always try to support a local LDS, but if I find myself needing something they don’t have I go to the Internet. I do a lot of comparative shopping. I use the internet for research and then go to the shops to see what I am looking to buy. I try to get as much information as possible about something before I buy. You don’t want to be at 120 feet and question whether or not you made the right purchase!
MAC431 - 4/04/2009 8:35 AM
You cannot beat your LDS since you get to try for sizing & comfort and you get to see it for quality prior to purchase. Also many items have warranties that you only get when purchased thru your LDS.
Indiana - 4/04/2009 1:48 PM

I will give my LDS first look.But if the price or product is not want I am looking for I will go to the internet.I will also buy used but regs and other life support equipment you really have to have them checked out or be able to do it yourself.

SCUBASMITTY - 4/04/2009 3:13 PM good prices. good laugh !

divemaiden - 4/04/2009 4:16 PM

I go online, find what I want, then print out the page and bring it to my LDS to find out if they can come within $15 or so of the online price + s/h. Sometimes they can do as well, or better, than online. Sometimes they tell me I’m better off getting it online.

But I always like to go to the LDS to discuss it. Find out the merits of the product, whether or not the brand I’m looking at has any deficiencies or another brand, though slightly more expensive, makes a better product, etc.
Rich-D-Fish - 4/04/2009 4:38 PM

As a rule of thumb anything that will support my life (BCD, Reg, computer, mask, main light) I buy from the scuba experts at my LDS. Anything that is a commodity item (weights, knife, backup light, tank, gloves, fins) I may buy from the local discount store or on-line with the kid who just graduated High School and knows scuba has something to do with water, if the price is better. But if the price is close I always support my LDS, unless they don’t carry a certain brand that I really want.
LONGTAILBDA - 4/05/2009 7:16 PM
One of the LDS I deal with
ArchimedesPrinciple - 4/06/2009 12:29 PM
I’m a big believer in supporting your local dive shop. I do pay more for things but quality customer service and care are worth it. I am also putting money into my local economy.
OLDSCHOOL - 4/14/2009 6:54 PM
For high dollar items that will need regular servicing, my LDS. For smaller stuff such as masks, fins, accessories, Liesurepro. I’ve purchased from them online with no problems whatsoever as well as going to their shop in NYC. That is a pretty cool experience and I highly recommend it if you are there. Good people....
impilcature - 6/15/2009 2:25 PM
From ScubaRich:

As a rule of thumb anything that will support my life (BCD, Reg, computer, mask, main light) I buy from the scuba experts at my LDS.

I don’t have much experience with my dive count but my instructor pretty much said this verbatim. It makes since, but online shops make some crazy good deals. I wonder if there is a tut on the process to buy gear. I am in the market for a complete set of new dive gear ( I currently only have personal gear mask snorkel fins and boots.) I guess I will rely on online ratings for the extras and got somewhere in oki for my main gear.