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Best SE Dive Vacation Spot to take 13 year old new diver?
SushiCat7 - 1/12/2022 1:07 PM
Category: New Diver Q&A
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Hi all! My name is Evelyn & I am new here.
My 13-year-old daughter is going to be getting OW certified this spring and I want to take her to a vacation spot this June where I can take her on a relatively easy (salt water) shore dive or 2.
We live in NW South Carolina and I would like to stay in one of the following areas:
Wilmington, NC (or close - outer banks adds 2 hours to the trip)
Myrtle Beach or Charleston area of SC
Savannah, Georgia
Panhandle of Florida
All of those are within a 7-hour drive for us which is about as far as I want to drive.
I am having a really hard time finding places.

I certified in Seattle years ago and I used to have a book that had all the shore dives of interest in one handy location. Maybe there is a book for these areas that someone can recommend as well?

Any Suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
Agojo - 1/16/2022 4:30 PM
I’m in Navarre, FL several good shore dives (Navarre Beach, Fort Pickens my favorites). I gave up cold water but by June should high 70s which I would do. Many other things in this area to for surface enjoyment. Message me if need a buddy in June.
GreggS - 2/01/2022 4:19 PM
Probably the best dive suitable for your daughter’s level of training would be the Charleston Tug out of Little River, SC. Coastal Scuba in North Myrtle Beach would be who you would charter with. It sits in 60 feet of water and is a very nice old tug to dive. There are also several armored personnel carriers close by with a rope leading to them from the bow of the tug along the sand. There is a good amount of sea life around the tug. It would be a 2 tank dive.

One thing you would need to keep in mind is to try to schedule to dive it when the tide is in-coming. I’ve dived it twice and believe me, you want an inbound tide. The first time I dove it was on an inbound tide and we had at least 50 feet of visibility. The second time was on an out-going tide and the visibility was maybe 10 feet down to the upper deck of the boat and then dropped to 2 feet once you dropped below that level. It so clsoe in that an outbound tide pulls all the sand and muck out to sea. And this is true of practically any inshore dive you would do.
GreggS - 2/01/2022 4:25 PM
BTW, here’s a link to the dive site page for the tug. I actually took the photos on this page but you’ll have to pardon the quality of the images. I had just gotten the camera and was not used to the settings on it yet.

Charleston Tug Wreck
SushiCat7 - 2/02/2022 4:15 PM
Thanks Agojo & GreggS!

Based on hotel prices, we are going to be going to North Myrtle this year - so I will definitely check out the Charleston Tug!

Hopefully next year we can make it down to Navarre!
GreggS - 2/04/2022 10:14 AM
I know you mentioned shore dives in your OP, but I just don’t know of too many (or any) good shore dives in the NC/North SC coastal area. The Charleston Tug is a boat dive, but it is a fairly easy dive well within a newly certified divers level of training.