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Diver locations
scubawolf - 7/26/2008 11:34 PM
Category: General
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I have a question. I have been going through the recent member list and since I can’t get to the computer on a regular basis (in fact do to recent events it’s been about 3 weeks ) there seems to be a lot of new members. So trying to find members in a certain area seems a little difficult. I know stop rambling and ask the question. Ok So is there a way to find members by geographical location or do I have to look up every profile to find divers in certian areas like around home or some of the other places I travel to or through. Just wondering thought it might make some searching easier.
Matt65 - 7/27/2008 12:23 AM
Just click on the "search" button between "browse" & "clubs", and fill in the appropriate information in the spaces, it’s pretty self explanitory.
Greg - 7/27/2008 10:58 AM
ScubaWolf, are you referring to an alternate way to search by geographic location other than by zip code (proximity), city, state/province or country? I know some sites let you search by metropolitan areas OR different regions of a country (ie: North West, South West, etc.). I current don’t offer searching by area or region...just the location items listed first in the Search page.
Will - 7/28/2008 8:18 AM
I’d enjoy it if there was a link to a map that would show all member locations on one big map. Anonymous flags for people with "private" profiles, and mouse-over info flags for people with regular profiles. If we could zoom into an area we planned to dive and find locals in the area to question/buddy up with visually, that would be cool.
Greg - 7/28/2008 1:27 PM

As far as seeing members in the areas you plan to can do that now in the Dive Site section. Visit a dive site on if the location has been added for that dive site, you’ll see that dive site on a map with other push pins that represent the members in a 50 mile radius. When you click on a member push pin, you’ll see their screen name and photo AND a quick message form to send them a message if you’re planning a trip. The dive map is only going to show members that have added their location to their profile.

I like the idea of having a global dive buddy map of members...but that is a big request...we have 1000’s of members. I need to figure out a way to filter the push pins some how so the map isn’t crowded...OR...only show members in certain locations when you zoom into the map.

If anyone is an expert at Google Maps API and Asp.Net...I’d love your opinion on how to do that properly.