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Hawaii question
stewco422 - 1/11/2018 9:39 PM
Category: Travel
Replies: 3

I’m heading to Hawaii in April for vacation. We will be staying on Maui and Oahu. I really want to swim with the mantas in Kona. Since there are no boats, I’d have to fly to Kona. Do the island hopping flights get pressurized where off-gassing would be an issue? Are there any other options to see the mantas?
Eric_R - 1/12/2018 12:33 PM
I think most planes that have a pressurized cabin pressurize it to 6000-8000 ft.
Rich-D-Fish - 1/21/2018 5:50 PM
I tried to do the manta dive, but they were full. The same boat did have a snorkel spot open, which I grabbed up. Basically you hang on to the side of a surfboard sized float with lights in the middle pointed down. The divers are on kneeling on the bottom with their lights pointed up. The mantas get just as close to the snorkelers as the divers. I think it would be a little more cool to be on the bottom, but not that much. Up to you.