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discover scuba
JMPdiver - 4/02/2015 3:35 PM
Category: New Diver Q&A
Replies: 4

I was wondering if any one can tell me if they know of any discover scuba type events that might be going on in New England, more specifically cape cod, MA area. I have several friends in the area who are very interested in diving but are unsure, if they want to take the course or not. It doesn’t have to be in MA but somewhere relativly close 2-3 hr drive at the most. ANY help will be GREATLY appreciated.
tstormdiver - 4/02/2015 5:39 PM
I do not live in the area, but you might try a phone &/ or internet search of dive shops in the area. You might contact any instructors you may know. If you have enough people interested (6-8), you may be able to get one set up easily. Keep in mind, that if there are any juniors, it can affect the student to instructor ratios (10 & 11 yr olds is 2:1). Everything else is 4:1. Try Scuba sessions is one of my absolute favorite things to do. :)
JMPdiver - 4/02/2015 6:20 PM
thank you very much. I know of 2 dive shops in my area yet they do not do any thing of the sort. I am unsure why although Ive been asking around. so I put this our to help. once again that you very much, i will reach out a little further to other dive shops.
caves4me - 4/02/2015 10:22 PM
Try Divers Cove & Sea Wolf Two in Essex CT or Seaview Scuba in Quaker Hill CT.
JMPdiver - 4/02/2015 11:16 PM
Thank you