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under water video cameras
indysurfer - 6/04/2008 5:14 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 2

any opinions on a underwater vid cam versus regular cam or digital. and can you still frame a vid cam to print the pictures you want. also anyone have one and know what they have spent on it.
romeo25411 - 6/05/2008 9:53 PM
I prefer the Canon SD900 with waterproof housing WP-DC7. The pictures and video that I have posted were taken with this digital camera. It is very small and easy to operate (even underwater). Given the type of diving I am involved in; large cumbersome equipment is not a welcome addition. On my profile - the cave pictures and video posted are from this camera. At that time the video and picture were taken, I was still learning how to use the camera. However, it should provide a good benchmark. You should be able to purchase both of these items form eBay for less than $400.00.

Hope this helps......Daniel
romeo25411 - 7/19/2008 8:54 PM
Not sure if you decided or purchased, yet. However, I wanted to follow up. I have finally made short movies with the video I shot with a Canon SD900 and posted them to my profile. Let me know if this meets the quality standards and price you are looking for. If not, I can point you to some higher end equipment.