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Cold water kit for Cressi mc-9 titanium
Kmart - 2/01/2014 7:50 PM
Category: Equipment
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I recently purchased a Cressi mc-9 titanium setup. Was told when I bought it, that it was a sealed reg. through some research realized that you have to get mc-9sc to be sealed and I plan on some cold water dives. Can I purchase a cold water kit and where if so. Will it void the warranty if I add kit? Also have found mixed info on the mc-9 titanium set up I have, some places say that I shouldn’t dive below 50 degrees and other websites say its a good reg. under 50 degrees. Any definite answers will be helpful. Thanks, Kent
UWnewbee - 2/01/2014 9:21 PM
hope this helps
OUBobcat - 2/02/2014 7:54 AM
I’ve never heard of any regs that you could just "add-on" a cold water kit to make your regs sealed. Have you used it yet? If not, just return it and get the SC version. As far as the working temps for that reg, I would say you could take it a little under 50° as long as you stayed shallow. I wouldn’t want to test it thats for sure because having your reg freeze up on you at depth is not fun at all. No matter what you decide to do, I would stay away from that shop you bought from. Sounds like they are more into pushing sales than helping the diver out.
RockRat2008 - 2/03/2014 6:03 AM
Per the Cressi website:

They don’t give numbers but rate it a 7.5 out of 10 for cold water usage.

When you say "cold water dives" what do you mean exactly? My current regulator isn’t sealed either and I regularly dive in water temps in the low 50’s - high 40’s and have never had a problem. Most of my dives are on Nitrox and run in 25-45 minute time frame as a reference.

If you’re going colder, or staying longer, it might be an issue.
DiveBuddyChgo - 2/19/2014 9:26 PM
The Cressi MC9 is rated EN250 for cold water diving. Both the Cressi MC9 and Cressi MC9SC are both a class 6 on the EN250 scale. Which means that the environmental seal kit does nothing to prevent a cold water freeze up under the surface. The more metal in your 2nd stage the better. A metal tube in your 2nd stage will increase cold water performance about 22%. An accetal material oriface is better then metal. Scuba-Pro has a silicon bushing for years inside the MK25 that crushes ice off of the S.S. Piston. Also you should turn your adjustment screw in about 1 1/2 turns to increase your breathing effort to about 1.6 inches inhale effort.. Your about to learn more about the physics again. Most cold water free-flows is divers error. We are usually diving 40 degrees avg./100 ft./40 min. The Cressi MC9 is rated EN250. Its all about how much air you are sucking threw the regulator. The cold water is actually warming up that -55 degree air as it passes threw your 1st stage. Your going to have to enjoy the new learning curve ahead of you. And I can put a good bet on it that you’ll have a cold water free-flow. That’s how we all learn. Have Fun !
DiveBuddyChgo - 2/22/2014 6:41 AM
One more thing to add. Is to remove the hose protectors. The hose protectors acts as an insulator.
Kmart - 2/22/2014 12:51 PM
Wouldn’t that be good if it acted like an insulator? Or does it actAlso inuyour like a conductor to the cold water, theyr’e plastic rubber type material. On your previous comment you had stated the the sealex regulator wouldn’t make a difference below the surface, if water passes through it ,how could it not have the potinial to freezev again tjanks for commenting.
Kmart - 3/09/2014 5:05 PM
Update, finally got in touch with the Cressi rep. You can purchase sealed water kit to be able to convert the mc9 to to mc9sc. He recommended if diving in under 50 degree water purchasing the kit. Thanks everyone for the info and feedback!