searching for buddy with boat to lobster hunt
Alan1975 - 11/08/2012 8:17 PM
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Hello..havent gone bug hunting yet because i lack a boat. I live in miami but am willint to go as far up as riviera beach. Willing to go half on gas, help clean boat and make a new friend so if anyone is going between november and december 16 please give me a tug. email is jocal2007@yahoo.com thanks
LatitudeAdjustment - 11/09/2012 5:25 AM
Alan forgot to add, please send picture of boat :)

My old signature used to be; Never tell a woman you have money or a diver that you have a boat.
Alan1975 - 11/09/2012 12:03 PM
Wow divers can be that shallow ( no pun intended ) thanks for letting me know what I got myself into.