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Tampa Diving
MouthBreather - 6/07/2009 6:00 PM
Category: Travel
Replies: 3

I’m headed to Tampa the weekend of July 4 for a friends wedding and thought I’d bring my gear with me and look into a dive or two in the area. Does anyone have any recommendations for diving the immediate Tampa, FL area?

I’d like to know if anyone has dive shop, dive site, and dive boat suggestions? This wont’ be a full on dive trip for me so time is limited. Reef and wrecks within a short boat ride are all I could manage. If you will be in that area at the same time I’d also be interested in a dive buddy!

Thanks in advance,

JWSHARKS - 6/09/2009 6:28 AM

The dive shop we were Open Water certified in, Depth Perception Dive Center, runs some Gulf Dives. They have a calendar online, Have not looked at it, but if they do not have any that weekend, google some shops in Clearwater that make runs to the Sheridan or the Blackthorne. They are in around 80ft of water. About the best wrecks close to Tampa that I am aware of, other locals may know of better though. Safe Diving!

fv195 - 6/09/2009 10:55 AM
Shop called Tampa Scuba diving is doing a 2 tank trip then watching the fireworks from the boat! I will be out of town that weekend