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Title GPS 32.14’.90 N - 64.48’.87 W
PhotoNamed for the series of overhangs and holes within the reef structure and not the often thought medical condition resulting from......... Hangover Hole is a labyrinth of tunnels, swim-through’s, arches and overhangs. Formed by the close proximity of the huge boiler reef structures. Located on the south side of the island direct off shore from Warwick Long Bay. This is a firm favourite of many Blue Water Divers staff and visited as often as is prudent. Divemaster Notes

PhotoAnemone’s are in their element here, masses of them. The depth range is from 15 ft. on the top of the main reef structure, to around 50 ft. in the sand at the base of the boiler reefs.

Doing the same route twice on Hangover Hole is almost impossible due to the massive selection of swim through’s and archways. Small tunnels lead to massive caverns within the reef structure. Creating ideal hiding places for lobsters, Eels and Glassy-eyed Sweepers. Entering these caverns can lead to a diver coming face to face with"Volkswagen Beetle" sized Groupers.

Photo A flashlight is handy, but not essential, as skylight holes allow ambient light to cascade through the tunnels creating superb photo opportunities with the light beams bouncing around.

The deeper sandy area’s provide feeding for passing Eagle Rays and close inspections of the sand will aid in discovering a staggering diversity of life all conveniently camouflaged for life in the sand. Look out for Peacock Flounder, Lizard Fish And Razor Fish. Closer inspection and you may find Leopard Flat Worms, Golden Crested Sea Goddess’s and the keen eye will help you track down Heart Urchins.