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Ponce Inlet Jetty - Ponce Inlet FL

Lighthouse Point Park entrance fee is $10 per vehicle. No spearfishing!

From Spearboard: The key is to watch and plan the tides VERY carefully. Ask the Lifeguards right there at the beach they’ll have the tides, or look at the back of the News Journal Local section. Ponce can rip if you don’t plan to be at the middle of the inside channel at DEAD SLACK HIGH TIDE. Enter from the outside Ponce Inlet beach, proceed out and near the jetty to about 60’ max depth then around the tip back in through the channel (inside inlet) to the other beach (Jetty Park) Stay close to the jetty (no more than 50 ft from the rocks, you’ll be in the marked channel past that, not a good place to be) You can enter and exit within about 50 yards of each other (Outside to inside) I would not recommend this if you are not REAL familiar with tides, and are not a fairly proficient diver, there are no safety valves other than climbing up in full gear on very slippery jetty rocks. Tow a large surface buoy/ball with you, look out for fisherman at anchor and fishing lines off the Pier, (have a knife at the ready) most will pull their lines when they see your buoy moving towards them, I have mine marked on top with DIVERS DOWN in large letters on it so they knoiw whats going on. Be sure to hit the HIGH SLACK TIDE 20 mins into the dive. I use an AL80 with air and do the circuit in about 45 minutes. There are very large barracuda schools patrolling the outside, and inside are some of the biggest sheepshead you will ever see. Lots of Silversides and grunts, the occasional Lobster, and a Manatee or two is not uncommon.