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Elmer Thomas - Lawton OK

Lake Elmer Thomas was originally constructed in the 1930’s. It is located just north of Ft. Sill. Access is easiest passing by Medicine Park to the wildlife refuge area and taking the road up to the parking area at the dam. It is open from 9:00 am until sunset. There are no facilities onsite so plan ahead.

It is a rock bottom lake and generally offers decent visibility (10’) in the shallow areas on the old dam area. There is a large rock platform that dive shops often use to train divers on. The surface water temps can vary from 75 F in the summer to 55 F in the winter. The lake has thermoclines in the spring, summer, and fall, so if you want to go deeper than 35’ be prepared. The space between the old dam and the new dam can hit 96 feet or so. Viz is usually better at depth, but it is generally 55 F year round. There are no gates at the bottom of the dam. In fact there is only one gate on the south side of the dam at about 60’.

One can see the old control house on the old dam, it is at about 60’. There is a channel that has some old sunken trees and some old railing from the old dam site. Also there is some steel structure that remains from the derrick that was used as a depth monitor from the days of the old dam. The old dam was decommissioned in the 1980’s and the new one built. There are many small fish that are quite friendly as they have been fed often. Also there are some large bass and catfish.

There is also another site on the lake that is a recreation area with facilities, boat ramps, picnic, playground, swimming area, scuba diving, etc. However, access to this site is through Ft. Sill, which is something of a hassle and there is even less to see in that area. However, if you have a boat, there is a sunken forest that is about due west from the dam.