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Little River - Branford FL

Despite the crowds and erosion, Little River is one of the most physically alluring natural sights in Florida. When the water is not high or stirred by visitors, the smooth and curving flow of this spring and its run to the Suwannee is breathtakingly beautiful. Under the right conditions, the water in the run is virtually invisible. Because the limestone shelf in the run is just below the surface, visitors have the rare opportunity to stand and peer directly over the cavern entrance and barely get their knees wet. Breaks in the limestone near the vent create a pool that is perfect for wading, swimming, and snorkeling. Even in times of high water, the spring remains attractive. Its flow is strong enough that it remains relatively clear even when the river is up to 10 feet above the normal high watermark.

This spring is quite interesting. Although the actual pool is small, there is a vent that leads to an extensive cave system for the certified. Pool depths are about 4 feet with a cavern that leads to a vent at about 20 ft. From there you have over 1,200 ft. of caves reaching depths over 100 ft. The outflow spills into the Suwannee via a small river, hence the name, Little River springs. Where the river pours into the Suwannee there are a set of rocks creating rapids. A good snorkel and pretty scenery to enjoy. Excellent dive if your cave certified.

Often used as a training spot for cave diving.