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Fort Wetherill - Concentration of sea jellies near shore
Fort Wetherill - Huge tire
Fort Wetherill - Crab
Fort Wetherill - Strangely colored sea star
Fort Wetherill - Sea star all bunched up
Fort Wetherill - Lots and lots of these plants at this site
Fort Wetherill - Only one I could find :-(
Fort Adams - Main (north) entry/exit point
Fort Adams - Walkway to main (north) entry/exit point
Fort Adams - Parking lot for diving area
Fort Adams - Watch out for fishermen
Fort Adams - The view
Fort Adams - Middle entry/exit point (more difficult)
Fort Adams - Some sea stars cuddling
Fort Adams - Red plants that are everywhere
Fort Adams - A bunch of of clam shells
Fort Adams - Some sea stars on a rock
Fort Adams - Very strange glowing plant
Fort Wetherill - West Cove
Fort Wetherill - West Cove Boat Ramp
Fort Wetherill - East Cove
Fort Wetherill - East Cove
Pompano Ledge North - Pompano Ledge North