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USS Oriskany is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Pensacola, FL. This dive site has an average rating of 4.21 out of 5 from 62 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 131-140ft/40-43m.

The world’s largest intentionally created artificial reef lies 22 miles off the coast of Pensacola. At 911’ long, 150’ tall, and 146’ wide you will be awed. The flight deck, originally at 137’, is now at 147’ due to hurricanes pushing it further into the sand.. Total bottom depth is 212’. The old aircraft carrier is being called the "Great Carrier Reef".

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WilsonR - 6 days 9 hours ago.
I went scuba diving here on 4/23/2023. Average viz: 41-50ft/12-15m. Water temp: 66-70°F/19-21°C.
WilsonR - 7/11/2022 10:10 PM
I went scuba diving here on 5/29/2022. Average viz: 51-60ft/16-18m. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C.
H2Go - 7/24/2019 7:59 PM
I went scuba diving here on 7/18/2019. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C.
wuzaracer - 5/08/2017 6:19 PM
I went scuba diving here on 5/6/2017. Average viz: 41-50ft/12-15m. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C.
I dove with H2O Below Charters and the Dive Masters were from MBT Divers. There was a strong current just below the surface. Down at 80 feet and on the wreck, the current was moving. H2O Below runs a good operation and the dive masters from MBT were great. They gave a very good briefing on what to expect and some of the things to look out for. H2O Below has a really good under water line system that gets you down to the Oriskany and is great for your safety stop. The top of the wreck is at about 80 feet now, and you will spend most of your time swimming around the super structure. The flight deck is below max depth for recreational scuba divers. There is so much to see at the superstructure, you will be amazed. Nitrox is a good certification to have for this dive. On dive 1 my max depth was 125 feet. We did a 1 hour surface interval, and for the second dive we stayed shallower-ish at 100 feet.
JonnieU - 7/17/2017 11:23 AM
I am definately going to do THAT again. Strong recommendations for MBT.
tardmaster - 9/10/2016 4:53 AM
Rating Added: 4
good vis, strong current. cant wait to go back
JonnieU - 6/30/2016 4:38 PM
Rating Added: 5
Just Excellent!
cducote - 4/26/2016 4:58 PM
Rating Added: 5
Amazing Dive. The size of this wreck is unbelievable. Dove with Scuba Shack and High Ty’d charters.
Visibility was about 60 ft.
Table6A - 12/20/2015 4:56 PM
Rating Added: 5
It’s a once-in-a-lifetime dive experience, not to be missed.
billsoccer - 9/27/2015 6:07 PM
Rating Added: 5
was there 9/26/15. This is a serious dive, as the top the structure is over 80’, and top-most swim-through is 91. Viz was (comparatively) excellent that day - we could see the flight deck from 95’ and could see maybe 50’ horizontally. Very strong current at top - be prepared to hang on rope all the way down and back up. Not for the newbies, though we did have some on our boat (to be fair, most of them fared better than I!!). Rating given owes more to the sentimental value of diving an immense ship > 900’ long), and one with history behind it. Lot’s of very large shells inside the swim-throughs. Some nice formations starting to take hold, but few fish besides a lot of barracuda. Be prepared to spend time at 110-115 to (IMO) make it worth the $
siboles2000 - 8/13/2015 12:38 PM
Rating Added: 5
Great spot...hoping to take my boat there soon.
r0nn1ef - 6/12/2015 3:13 PM
Rating Added: 4
This was my first ocean dive. Below 46 feet, viz was spectacular. :)
Czechcanadian - 7/03/2014 5:35 PM
Rating Added: 5
Awesome dive. Seeing the flags wave thru the current made an eerie feel as if the ship was sailing underwater.
tinahawkins - 5/06/2014 9:08 PM
Rating Added: 5
Dove with H20 Below, an outstanding boat and dive operation! There were storms and floods in Pensacola last week, which has affected viz, but below 40 feet, it was amazing. The conning tower is huge with plenty to see within recreational limits. Dove it twice and could use several more dives!

There is a large American flag and POW/MIA flag hanging from the boat. That, along with the conning tower profile and view of the flight deck is overwhelming. Schools of barracuda surround it and we saw several large amberjack and other fishes. There are swim throughs, too.

This is a deep dive. Not a great dive for beginners or those with poor air consumption. Once air consumption is good, the conning tower is just technically challenging enough to make you feel like you’ve left a better diver without being dangerous. Tons of marine life, great history, a geocache box, a few memorials, and the right dive outfit makes this the most exciting dive destination in the gulf. Add it to your bucket list!
rcy7 - 4/20/2014 5:17 PM
Rating Added: 5
So many interesting things to see. Could’nt see it all in 2 dives. Will have to do several more dives.
MolonLabe - 3/28/2014 7:30 AM
Rating Added: 4
Didn’t get enough time here, want to do it again soon.
Atctech - 11/07/2013 7:54 PM
Rating Added: 5
HUGE wreck. My final dive before leaving Pensacola.
shellback0 - 10/27/2013 5:56 PM
you rent your tanks ask if they have 100’s and have them set your gas to no
more than 28%. Bring a Light and watch out for the worms, your bubbles will
make them fall on your buddy after you swim through
Scubagig - 10/27/2013 5:41 PM
Thanks Shellback
Scubagig - 10/27/2013 3:47 PM
Thanks for all of the responses. I hope I can get lucky on December 22,23 or 24, already have the airfare purchased. Now I hope enough guys will go. Thanks again to all.
Scubagig - 10/26/2013 6:13 PM
Hello. I want to visit Pensacola Dec. 22-25. I also want to dive the Oriskany. Will charters be running to dive her on those days? What can I expect the conditions, water temps to be like? Can anyone recommend a nice midrange hotel on the beach? Any help appreciated. Scubagig
Nitediver - 10/27/2013 1:42 PM
I was trying to get a charter for next week but with weather conditions and it being the "off" season it does not look good. The biggest problem is getting enough people to make a charter. Most of the boats don’t really try. but you might call them just to be sure. Never hurts to try, right? Good Luck
Nitediver - 10/27/2013 1:44 PM
As it’s the off season you’ll get a better deal now on hotels, water temps are in the low 70’s and it can go from dead calm to 4-6 waves in a few hours.
shellback0 - 10/27/2013 5:38 PM
Call H2O Below (850) 291-3501 They will run with less divers so you have a better chance of getting out