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Mama Vina - wreck - Mexico

Mama Vina - wreck is a boat accessible salt water dive site, located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. This dive site has an average rating of 4.50 out of 5 from 8 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 91-100ft/28-30m. The average visibility is 121-130ft/37-40m.

The Mama Viña was once used to trawl for shrimp, but back in 1995 it was sank to create an artificial reef and provide an added attraction to the many scuba divers who visit Playa del Carmen. It lies almost intact, listing to port, with it’s bow facing the predominant south-north current head on.

There is a rarely a weak current. Lots of coral, cleaning station for all sorts of fishys. There is also a large Loggerhead turtle that sleeps here. Deepest point is about 92’. Great vis. Nice drift dive off the wreck as the diver returns to a shallower depths.


Mantuks - 10/29/2018 9:55 AM
Rating Added: 5
first wreck dive, so it was good, didnt know what else to expect :)
SCUBA-Que - 3/02/2018 5:19 PM
Rating Added: 4
Loved the Marine Life and the approach to the site.
joe_bird - 8/18/2017 1:29 AM
I went scuba diving here on 8/13/2017. Average viz: 61-70ft/19-21m. Water temp: 81-85°F/27-29°C.
WarmWaterTurner - 4/10/2017 10:03 AM
Its a great dive and can have heavy currents. There used to be a large turtle that spent a lot of time on the aft deck. Usually see a number of large game fish there as well. Nice dive overall!
JeffNColdWater - 4/07/2017 1:08 AM
Rating Added: 4
Pretty good. It is definitely an advanced dive due to the depth and the fairly strong current, which is the only reason it isn’t a 5 star. Tons of life inside. It is pretty much a sandy desert all around the wreck so don’t miss it.
Muzz09 - 7/12/2011 6:20 PM
Excellent dive, did the referral part of Rescue Diver there with Geo- Fish Diving in PDC. First wreck , very exciting .
Smithsgold - 7/10/2011 9:17 PM
looks nice !!!!