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The USS Hoyt S. Vandenburg Dive Trip
SEAduction-Dive-Services - 4/09/2011 7:33 PM
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The 27th is the second anniversary of the Vandenberg’s sinking and as one of the key players in sinking the wreck Mike plans to dive her on that Friday if at all possible. For those of you that do not know, Mike worked on the Vandy project for about 10 years and planned both the technical clearance dives for the interior of the wreck and the explosive ordinance recovery dives prior to the sinking. Mike also led both teams on the sink date and was in the first 3 man team to ever dive this wreck. So he has a great working knowledge of the wreck and some great stories to tell about the wreck and her sinking for those inclined toward an after dive drink at the poolside or on Duval Street. Courses Available: Mike will be teaching an Advanced Wreck Diver Class (limited penetration for extended range divers). Some of those divers will continue on to complete the Technical Wreck Diver Class (full penetration technical diving class). Mike will also be evaluating at least 1 Advanced Wreck Diving Instructor Candidate who will be diving with us all week. Course Details: Advanced Wreck - open to AOW divers with Deep, Wreck and Stress rescue Specialties. You will need recreational gear PLUS 2 cutting instruments, 2 dive lights, a surface marker bag, a safety reel and a 7ft second stage hose. Cost: 350.00 for tuition Technical Wreck - open to divers with Tech Foundations and Advanced Wreck or equivalent certifications. Full tech Gear to include a primary reel, a safety reel, a surface marker bag and 3 dive lights (1 primary). Cost: $595.00 for tuition