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Head count on events
scubaman - 1/24/2011 5:04 PM
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Waitresses & Bartender at Shorty’s Bar & Grill......Meeting tomorrow night 8PM-9PM.

Please remember to go to my profile Member 6444 and click on events and put yourself down on each you want to be in.

I need head counts to know how many to prepare for, to get the best possible prices for all of us!

Remember there is POWER in numbers, if we as a club don’t use that to our advantage then I won’t be able to nogociate the best possible prices for the trips we go on.

You don’t have to be a member of any club to say you want to go.....all you need to do is prove to me that you are a certified or getting certified on the trip diver and you will count! It’s that simple, when the time comes you will be required to put a non-refundable down payment on the trip and based on that we will lock in our prices.

I will tell you the minimum number required to get a better price anything over that will help us get the price lowered!

As far as I can tell now, for our meeting I’m going to tell Shorty’s to expect 20 or more and I feel there are more that will be there.

So, come on out, if we get over a hundred people there, you may have to be patient on getting your food and drinks, because I’m reporting 20 or more.

That will be a good problem..........

See ya tomorrow night.

The Trip to the Dive Show in Arlington is nexy month, I have my free ticket and i’m going. I’m taking my RV that I just got, if it is uot of the garage by then. Had afew things repaired. I will be ther the 25th and 26th of Feb. if no family members go and there is room, you can ride with me and help share the expenses.

On all these things I need head counts NOW!

The SPRING BREAK TRIP is on we are most definatly going, I am ready to start making arrangements after our meeting tomorrow night, so starting on Wed. of this week I am going to start setting up with Dive Shops, Airflight, and setting up a schedule based on the head count I have by the end of THIS WED.!!!!

The Cruise trip will take a min. of 7-rooms book for us to even hope to get a better price. I will have the itenerrary at the first meeting after the meeting I will make it available to all members.