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Full Cave in the Riviera Maya
jfhuard - 11/03/2009 8:00 PM
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Full Cave in the Riviera MayaAfter a week of drift diving in Cozumel with my wife and Alison, I headed to Puerto Aventuras for the final portion of my full cave certification with Steve Gerrard. Steve is a great instructor with a fun personality and lots of stories... He’s been cave diving for 30 years and teaching for about 25. If you want to know about him, visit his website

Day 1: 2 good dives at Dos Palmas ~35ft. Water temp is 75F. Dive 1: 1h23 following the gold line to get acclimated to diving doubles wet and the new environment, and second dive 1h21 with 4 jumps and air-share touch contact drill. It’s nice to cave dive in wetsuit in crystal clear warm spring water. Lots of geological formation - pretty impressive. Looking forward to tomorrow. Steve’s pick...

Day 2: First dive at the Cenote of the Sun (Naran Hal system). 91ft, 70 min bottom time and 9 min deco, EAN32. This was a fantastic cave. Long halocline like a mirror for about 100ft. Amazing white/bleached limestone and blue water. Beautiful cave ceiling and floor with thousands of formation. Great cave, definitely the best one so far for its beauty. 2 T’s and 1 jump. Second dive was my full cave graduation dive. We manage to do the traverse from Calimba to Bosh Chen on third. I led on the way in. We had a chat at Bosh Chen with the bats and Steve led on the way back while I pick up the spools and markers. 44ft, 84 min; 2 jumps, 1 T. Most interesting passages with restrictions, fragile formation, amazing ceiling and very large rooms.

Tomorrow, some more fun... I’m here for 4 more days of fantastic cave diving :)