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Some of my many trips
johnaobrien@aol.lcom - 5/02/2006 12:00 AM
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Category: Travel
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Some of my many tripsI have been diving for a few years now and have been to the Caribbean and other places. Of the places I have liked the most was Curisso. I was supprised to find that there would not be a lot of diving going on when I signed up on this trip from the cruise ship we where on. It would have been a mistake to miss this one. Saw a Jew Fish (Grouper) that was huuuuuge! It looked like it could have eaten me with one bite. One of the other places that I thought was great was Tobermory Canada. The water is clear by any standards for fresh water and the diving was great. I take a trip every year to Gilboa Quarry (at least two times) and enjoy the scenery down there. If you have any extra time on a weekend let me know and we can do the Gilboa. I have also dived the Saint Claire river looking for junk. That again is a fun dive even though if it rather slow and relaxing. I am up to dive any time I can get cut free so give me a holler at least a couple of days ahead of time and I will be able to go if it isn`t too far away. I won`t ask you to dive anything that you don`t feel comfortable with and if I don`t feel comfortable I will let you know. Safety is always a major priority.


Bmax - 1/13/2007 12:00 AM
Gilboa Quarry is a nice place to dive and go deep if you have a dry suit, and obey the rules. Our group usually dives there 3-4 times during the dive season.