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Okanawa, Japan
Dubia UAE
Posted by VaDiver
Okanawa, Japan
VaDiver - 3/19/2007 12:00 AM
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Okanawa, JapanI flew over to Okinawa, Japan for a business trip, I sent out a couple emails from All this time Drew is sending me email stating, Dude this is the worse time to come and Dive Raining the past two weeks. I arrive here on Saturday, making sure that I would have plenty of time to Dive before work on Monday. I call bluthundr from Dive Buddies, He comes and picks me up from my hotel, and we are off to the water. We head to the local Dive shop and fill up with air. We get to the Seawall here in oki, and we are in the water in less than 45 mins. Off the plane and into the water in less than 3 Hours!! We finish our first dive and head out to get something to eat, it is getting dark and Drew suggest we wait a little and do a night dive. We head out about 9 PM oki Time. Were in the water and come across an octopus. The first time I have seen one in the wild. It was pretty cool just sitting there with our spotlights on it. I Get up Sunday, Ready to go, Call Drew and says he will be over in about 30 mins. We head over to the Dive shop to Refill, then we head out to a place called toilet bowl. Tide was a little to ruff for us to get in there, so we head back over to the sea wall and off to the water again we go. I would like to Thank (bluthundr) Drew for a GREAT Time in Okinawa, Japan. Dude you Rock. If anyone gets a chance to get this way, Hook up with Drew, he is ready to get wet anytime!