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Stolt Dagali
cynwydb - 9/22/2008 10:01 AM
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Category: Travel
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Dove the Stolt Degali this Sunday. A Beautiful day for a New Jersey wreck dive. I met up with John (ScouterJT) and at the boat (The Gypsy Blood) in Brielle. We ended up diving as a threesome with Kira a bio teacher from NJ. The dive is on the back half of the ship. The Stolt Degali was sliced in two in 1964 by a passenger liner. The front stayed afloat. The back sank quickly taking 19 crew members with it, and now sits on the sand at 130 feet, with the top of the wreck at about 70 ft. Visibility in the water column and on the top of the wreck was great for the north Atlantic (about 60 feet), but dropped off markedly further down toward the sand. The invertebrate life on the wreck and in the water column was fantastic. We had 18 divers, I was one of three not on doubles, I’m beginning to feel self conscious about that, but I am getting enough bottom time with the steel 120 so I don’t think I’ll take that leap soon.