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tardmaster - 7/15/2008 2:02 PM
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My wife was in the Caymans about a month ago and was told if they spotted a lionfish to surface and tell the captain. The dm would right then go and kill it. I knew they were in invasive species, but I’m reading now where the Bahamian government is encouraging people to kill every lionfish they see. Has the U.S. government issued any such statement. i will be diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic in about two weeks and I’ve heard the lion fish are numerous down there. I’m not one for carrying a speargun (heck, i’ve never fired one!) the lionfish is VERY poisonous so I’m not dumb enough to try to go after it with a knife. Anyone else heard of or done anyhting about the situation? 


Thanx......I’ll hang up and listen.