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Fernando de Noronha, Atlantic Ocean, Brazil
Stef - 5/05/2008 5:47 PM
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Fernando de Noronha, Atlantic Ocean, BrazilApril 2008, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Fun dives
Dive Center: Aguas Claras, Fernando de Noronha, PE, Brazil
Package finder:
Dive Sites: There are about 30 interesting dive sites - due to the seasonal conditions its not possible to dive all sites in one trip/same season.
I have seen the following dive sites: Pedras Secas I & Pedras Secas II (both with great underwater scenery, rocks, caverns, sharks), Ilha do Meio (Drift dive with Turtles; see pics), Ilha do Frade (Rays; see pics), Buraco das Cabras (Drift dive, a bit boring but suitable in case of bad weather conditions), Cabeco das Caieiras (Turtles), Cabeco da Sapata, Laje Dois Irmaos (many Rays, see pics), Caverna da Sapata (Cavern dive), Macaxeira (Drift dive, Dolphins), Naufragio do Leao (scenery)

Unfortunately, I missed the Corveta Ipiranga V17 Dive (spectacular Wreck dive; Sundays only).
Well, this island (and the dives) is quite expensive but you will see Dolphins, big Turtles, big Sting Rays, Sharks and lots of nice beaches of course - but no corals. The visibility is always very good and interesting for underwater photography.
Dont mind to bargain - even with package operators (I got a 30% discount on the package). Rent a buggy for exploring the island. Buy anything on the mainland that you may need on the island (such as cigarettes, batteries, mosquito & sun protection, et cetera) - all these nice to have items are very expensive and difficult to find over there.
Best bar (with Brazilian live music, dance, Pizzaria) and an ideal place for sunset pictures: Bar do Cachorro