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Using New Aeris CompuMask
rzigfry - 4/06/2008 10:20 AM
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Category: Equipment
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Using New Aeris CompuMaskHey Guys,
Any of you had the opportunity to dive the new CompuMask by Aeris? I got one and used it for the first time this past week-end in Key Largo on the Grove.

The mask is awesome I was able to make three way comparison between the Aeris (Manta), (ATMOS ai) and the (CompuMask). There were some differences in temperature readings and there were some differences in the actual depth readings. I did also note that there were about 200 psi difference between the readings on the ATMOS ai and the CompuMask, with lower readings on the ATMOS ai versus CompuMask respectively. Otherwise, the CompuMask is awesome! The transmitter is hooked up on first stage Hp port and the no deco and depth reading on the HUD were incredible. If you get a chance, dive it!

Did have some initial difficulties adjusting the straps to compensate for leaking due to ineffective seal. Nevertheless the problems were remedied by loosening and adjusting the straps to get desired fit of my face.

The Speigle Grove was awesome. We did the swim through’s at the Wheel-house. The weather was great 80 degress, water temp 71 to 72 degrees, and there was zero current on the Grove. AWESOME conditions. Also dove the Ben-Wood wreck. The four days of diving were incredible!

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