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Dragon Divers...The beginning
Kunk35 - 1/06/2008 9:05 AM
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Dragon Divers...The beginningMy dive buddy John Chapman and I were OW certified in late August of 2006. Fate worked it out that after both of us rescheduled our classes, we ended up the only two in the class with two instructors. A few months later, we took our AOW class at lake Travis, and about a year later we both took our rescue class together. John is of Welsh heritage, so he has a dragon tatoo. This inspired him to get a welsh flag for us to fly along with our dive flag each time we camped. We tend to be into camping comfort when we dive, making sure we have plenty of food for anyone that wants to stop by and visit, plenty of room, and plenty of warmth in the winter and chill in the summer. The flag caused John to coin the term "Dragon Divers" and we started a tradition of "inducting" fellow divers into the Dragon Divers when they dive with us. With our large tent, and our pop-up setup along with our flags, our camp became known as our "Dragon lair". Now we have Dragon Lair one, (the tent setup or base camp), and Dragon lair two, (which consists of the dive site setup). Over the past year we have hooked up with some great divers from all over the area. We dive alot at Lake Murray up by Ardmore, Ok. CssP is a common site for us, although a bit expensive in my oppinion. We`ve been up to BrokenBow,Lake Travis and have even done some exploring in Lake Texoma. We plan on a trip to Beaver Lake in Ark, PK which we have never been to yet, The Silo, Balmorea, and possibly getting involved with the science diver program at Aquarena. We are loving the local diving so much, a tropical trip probably isn`t in the books for 2008, but you never know! We`ve logged over 80 dives in our first year and love to dive with new divers or experienced divers. We just love to dive! Come dive with us!!