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My Most Memorable Scuba Dives
scubadivingnomad - 2/04/2022 12:20 AM
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My Most Memorable Scuba DivesI am sitting here thinking about some of my most memorable scuba dives. It has been a while since I have been diving, and it is frustrating. I had plans to spend a part of this winter in Mexico. However, the high COVID rates pushed those plans aside, just like they did last year. Hopefully, things will improve and I can take a late spring trip instead. Completing my rescue diver course this year and getting my Master Diver rating is goal for this year. I decided to finally do that 2 years ago, only to have the lockdowns cancel my class as it started. I want to reach the 1,000 dive mark as well, I am at 953. I became an SSI gold diver in March 2015, that is 500 dives. The 1,000 dive mark is not a big of a milestone for a dive professional, but for a normal recreational diver, it is something. I have extensively traveled, covering many portions of the world. Tropical destinations are my favorite. Being upfront, Warm water diving is my choice. I have done a few cold water dives but did not enjoy them as much. I have visited and dived much of the Caribbean and Central America. Extensively traveled and dived in South East Asia including Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia, with additional visits to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore. I have enjoyed diving in two different portions of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Tropical USA destinations include Florida, Hawaii, and the destination where “America Starts Its Day”, Guam. Many of my most memorable scuba dives were years ago. I still am in awe on many dives now, but these hold a special place in my dive memories. There are not ranked in order of favorite as that chances on the topic.

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