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Thresher Shark, Malapascua
divehappy - 4/29/2019 5:01 PM
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Thresher Shark, MalapascuaThresher Shark, Malapascua – image © Chris Mitchell

Imagine dropping into the water at first light. Imagine dropping down behind the edge of a plateau that slopes away far into darkness below. And then imagine peering over the edge of the plateau to see one of these super graceful predators come gliding out of the gloom, so close that it’s almost overhead, before the slightest twist of its iconic whiplash tail sends it back the way it came, patrolling for the next meal it will stun with one overhead crack of the silver arc poised behind it. (Pro tip: don’t try and take photos of thresher sharks with super wide angle fish eye lens…) Thresher sharks are the star attraction of diving Malapascua, but there is a stack of great macro diving around the island too – definitely worth a few days to explore. (Malapascua, 2018)

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