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Dive Safety in Lanzarote
MikeCJ - 7/21/2012 10:32 AM
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Dive Safety in LanzaroteWe’re often asked how safe diving is in Lanzarote, and the simple answer is that as long as you are diving with one of the approved dive schools, it’s extremely safe!

There are many reasons:

Type of diving

The majority of the diving we do here is very close to the shore, and even the dives we do from boats are never more than a few minutes from the nearest harbour. It means, in the event of a problem, a diver can be brought to shore extremely quickly.


All the dive schools carry oxygen sets in their vehicles, and typically at any given dive site, there are several of these on hand. Additionally, there are almost always trained first aiders around at dive sites.


As Lanzarote is so small, you are never more than 45 minutes away from the hyperbaric chamber in Arrecife, which can hold up to 6 people at a time. And in a dire emergency a helicopter is always available from Arrecife airport, ready to leap to the rescue.

Nobody wants to have any kind of diving accident, but rest assured that if you do, you’ll be well catered for in Lanzarote.

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