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Turks & Caicos - Provodenciales ’11
SnowboardDave - 9/01/2011 7:01 PM
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Turks & Caicos - Provodenciales ’11 Southern Bahamas or Northern Caribbean?? What ever your preference is, you end up at the same spot. White sand beaches, warm water and crying babies! It’s not all that but there’s much more like good food, ice cream, secluded spots, ex pro athletes and funny mixed drink names.

This time down, I went to duty free ’before’ boarding the airplane in Newark. The nice thing about doing that is, as soon as you get into your room a relaxing drink can be had instantly while you unpack. But this time the room was not ready so we ended up going to the beach bar for food and a beer. Reading over the drink specials menu, I found a drink called the "Purple Gecko" and several other names of drinks I can’t remember at this point. I did have a PG, it was good.

The plan called for two days of diving, four dives total, a light dive trip shall we say? Even still, the four dives were productive.

I saw my first three reef sharks:

Had a great time on the boat with Provo Turtle Divers and managed to make possibly one of my best underwater photos to date. I noticed a Peacock Flounder lying on an elevated piece of coral, as I slowly descended upon him (or her) I snapped away. I realized I was able to get in front of the fish and at or below the same plane where the flounder was resting. At just the right moment, I got lucky!

One snap is all I got, the next frame was fish butt! Ahh but that’s underwater photography eh? On to the next one. I managed to find this Flamingo Tongue making a U-Turn on a thread like soft coral:

A Red Banded Lobster resting in his hole in the wall:

As for the non diving part of the trip, the people were friendly, we met an ex NHL player now restauranteur who sat down at our table and started talking with us. Two ice cream parlors (this has been an ice cream summer) and a nice supermarket. A bike will get you to some cool spots and for some reason we had the most unhappiest baby staying at our resort! Every day, a family of four would be out there on the beach, both kids cried but the younger one was crying constantly. Maybe they were bad parents?
The last morning, we thought we had escaped them... peace on the beach, it was nice! Then at the airport, we saw them...crossed fingers kept them from getting on our airplane :)
I would take a crying baby on the beach over any day at work! Looking forward to the next time I can write underwater.... -sbD