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Fix your pic with Irfanview
VicFLA - 9/26/2007 11:20 AM
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Category: Photography
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Fix your pic with IrfanviewSo I was playing around with Irfanview last night.

It`s a small little nifty program that`s less than 2 MB but worth its weight in platinum.

You can a batch process an entire directory of your green pics and make all the reds come out stunningly afterwards.

Irfanview is freeware.

File -> BatchConversion/Rename Drag and drop all the pics in your source directory of green pics, into the empty "input files" on the left. I normally click on "Use This Directory as Output" and type in "Irfed" at the end of th output directory below.

Select "Use Advanced options" and click on "Select Advanced Options".

Top Right hand corner ... select "Auto adjust colors".

One last note, the compression is also fantastic.

Here is a 5 MB hi res pic ... 3352 kB

If you click on Options at the bottom of "Batch Conversion Settings" and set "Save Quality" to 95% then the pic is only 2/3 the original size.

Here`s the compressed 2223 kB version

Here are some pics:

- Vic


matryoshka_ira - 11/29/2017 3:07 PM
Neat! I couldn’t get the batch filter to work well on my photos, but playing around definitely improved picture quality - impressive for such a trim package. Thanks for the post!