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Fantasy Lake Scuba Park 09.01.2007
mukashi - 9/02/2007 2:02 PM
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Fantasy Lake Scuba Park 09.01.2007On this day, a group of friends and I went to the Fantasy Lake Scuba Park in Rollsville, NC. The weather was perfect with a pleasant breeze to enjoy while under the canopy or otherwise while in the shade. We were a little disappointed to find that the warm temperatures had increased the algae growth. Thus the water was not quite as good as it was when I was last there on Memorial Day. Never the less, we made numerous fun dives. We even went to the area of the quarry where the thermo cline was severe. The water temperature went from the mid to lower 80’s on the surface to about 50 degrees on the bottom. I was wearing a 3mm extra stretch full suit and needless to say without a hood I did not spend much time on the bottom. But I definitely cooled off from the long surface swim. We stopped for a tank change and lunch and enjoyed the water front picnic cabana. After our lunch settled and we satisfied our surface intervals, we went back into the water and continued our dives. We dived the left quarry wall which was pretty nice. We all had a great time and got our heads wet. It is really hard to beat a day diving with your “dive buddies”. The only bad thing of the day was that I dropped my mask while on the surface just before heading in, and the mask could not be located by a buddy. That’s what I get for fumbling with gear and doing too much at one time. I guess I’ll just have to spend some more money at the dive shop. :) The new changing rooms were very nice. I recommend this as a good place for friends to go to enjoy a relaxing dive. Dive Safe