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Destin East Pass Jetty
BeachBubbles - 7/30/2007 12:00 AM
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Destin East Pass JettyJuly 28 2007Dive no.: 6Location: Destin FLDive site: East Pass JettiesWeather Condition: Sunny, Clear 90 degWater Condition: Yellow and Purple Flags for Slight breeze and Jelly FishVisibility: 50 ftWater Temp: 81 degMax Depth: 41 ftBottom Time: 31 min


High tide was at 9:41 am. We shot for 8am... but we finally entered the water at 11:26 am.

OK so we (Team mom, Daniel and Ben) got a few minor procedural kinks to work out.

Holy Friggin pain in the ass it was getting to the water!

The condos have made it nearly impossible for a simple landlubber to gain access to the beach. Parking is very limited, and from the street it`s a good quarter of a mile through very soft sand. Try getting traction with 80lb of gear on your back, wearing a wetsuit in sweltering heat.I stayed with the gear bobbing around in the shallows while Daniel went back and picked Ben up off the ground and carried his gear for him. Bless his heart. But, what a GREAT time it was, once we finally got in the water! It was our first time venturing out without any adult supervision (as in a PADI instructor). There were about 30 other divers around, but under water we felt as if we had the place to ourselves. Plenty of room down below. So I took some pictures. Probably not as many as I probably could have taken. Most of my attention was on minor procedural matters, finding my children... for one. Actually, I always knew where they were, but at one point I lost control of my boyancy and floated up to the surface. I looked down below and Daniel was writing on Ben`s note pad, "Where`s mom?"They had no clue about my tendency to levitate when I get excited. Anyway I made my way back down and we practiced a few basic skills and then played around with the jelly fish and did a few somersaults, and chased some crabs around.


Daniel giving the double OK signal (30 ft depth)

Daniel (10 ft)

Benjamin with Daniel in the background (30 ft)

Ben checking out a one of many discarded large clam shells from the bottom (40 ft depth)

Tis I! (15 ft)

Stinging Jelly Fish (15 ft deep)

No fear, the wet suit saves the day (10 ft)

Fishies (40 ft depth)

This is the best actual fish picture I took (40 ft)

Walking back to the car started off ok, but then things took a very awkward turn when my tank slipped out of its harness forcing me to my knees in the sand. For the life of me, I could NOT get back up without taking all my weights and my tank off. After which I was unable to carry them piecemeal. Thank goodness a couple of beach combers from the local area came along and helped us out.Whew.[br style="font-fa


OffDutyDiveCharters - 1/12/2008 9:06 AM
How funny! My experaince was the same. And I came to the same conclusion. I wont go back unless I can do it from a boat! But then again, if I have a boat I am not going to the jetties. There are WAY too many other spots that are 300 times better then the jetties out there.