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New World Record
rsilva708 - 9/26/2009 9:16 AM
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Category: Press Release
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New World RecordWell, If you have not heard yet, I went down on Sept. 14th to start my world record attempt, and did not surface until Sept. 16th setting the New World Record for the longest saltwater scuba dive at 48 Hours 2 Minutes.

You can find videos and pictured on my website or a Google search for Robert Silva scuba will provide a lot of the newspaper articles that were written during my stay in Belize.

The record attempt was done as a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society. It was a great experience for me. I have been asked by many people if I would do it again, and my simple answer is "If it was worth it", I did not do this for me, I did it for the Charity. If I raised a good amount for the charity, I would consider another attempt at it. Most people think you get paid for breaking a record. YOU DON’T. But even still If I can get people to help The American Cancer Society then it was all worth it.


Greg - 3/06/2010 10:48 AM
Way to go Robert! This record almost makes me want to try to beat you :) I can’t imagine the work you must have put into organizing this. Congrats man!
Smithsgold - 10/12/2009 12:46 AM
Congrats !!!!!!