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Legands of Diving
mcneal3kl - 6/21/2007 12:00 AM
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For those of you who follow diving and the people that have ment so much to this sport that you now enjoy, you can now plan to make trip to meet them. August 10th - 12th Zale Perry (of the world famous show Sea Hunt) will be at Portage Quarry. Zale Parry helped run the first civilian hyperbaric chamber for divers in California. In 1954 she set a woman`s depth record to 209 feet and became the third female instructor to graduate from the L.A. County UICC program. That same year, Zale made her screen debut in Kingdom of the Sea, a Jack Douglas Production, which was shown in 70 countries and had a successful run of several years. Zale`s knowledge of skin and scuba diving, as well as her astounding beauty in Kingdom of the Sea, made the producers of Sea Hunt cast her immediately without so much as a single screen test. A true pioneer in our sport, and she is very happy to share any knowledge she has with anyone.

Another person that will be at Portage Quarry this year is Sam Lacocq. Everyone should know this guy, that little thing you put in your mouth everytime you go underwater to breath, well you owe the invention of that to him. He was with Jacques Yves Cousteau (who I think everyone knows)on every journey he made. He invented most of they gear they used. Sam is such a down to earth guy and so humble for accomplishing so much in our sport. He can talk to those of you who think you know everything let you continue to think so, and he can talk to an open water student and make them feel as if they are equal to him. A wonderful man.

Dr. Sam Miller whose take on scuba history was a crowd pleaser in 2006, will make a second appearance and speak about early equipment with the beginning of dive certifications.

If anyone needs any info about making arrangements to be there, or anything else you might have a question about please e-mail me or check out the portage quarry website. You can find everything there as well. I look forward to seeing some of you there.


Bmax - 6/21/2007 12:00 AM
I was there at the event last year. The world record attempt at getting 1000 divers in the water at the same time. Everything went well, but there was only about 1/3 of the divers needed to set the record. I hope everyone comes out this year. Portage is a great place to dive and meet new dive buddies.