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Sammy’s Update 07-21-09
Hobie - 7/27/2009 9:28 PM
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Category: Personal
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Sammy’s Update 07-21-09 Last week was the start of round two of Sammy’s chemo treatments,and the hardest yet. He was admited into the hospital on Tuesday morning, and was able to come back to the room on Wensday evening. He has been sick all week from the treatments. On top of all that we find out today that our insurance is refusing to pay for his surgery. They told the surgeons office that there were hospitals closer to our home that could do the surgery for less. Im furious to say the least. I didnt know I had to shop off the clearance rack for doctors for my son. We were referred to Childrens Hospitals by the hospital close to our home. So I believe I can win this battle, but only time will tell. Just goes to show that the insurance companies dont care about you or your family, but about how much they can collect and how little they have to pay out.