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1st dive of the year
ScubaFem - 5/17/2007 12:00 AM
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1st dive of the yearMy boyfriend visited last week from England, and we squeezed a couple of afternoon dives into his trip. Cold as the water temp was, we had a great time...despite the sunburn I got. ;)

It took us a little while to get set up at Blue Springs Quarry, in Waldron, Indiana, due to the mass amounts of people there that day (I`ve never seen so many at once at Blue Springs!), and due to a pesky tank strap that gave me some initial trouble.

Knowing it was going to be freezing, we`d both rented hoods along with the rest of our gear, but they were both pretty boyfriend`s so much so that he decided he couldn`t even wear it for our first dive, which was scheduled to go to 50ft. Needless to say, we only managed about 30 before it got too cold for him; luckily, visibility was pretty good and we could still pretty clearly peruse the cabin cruiser 20 feet below us. We also swam through the tubes and along the wall scanning quarry rocks and plant life. The b/f saw fish here, but I didn`t. Finally saw some bass hiding out back underneath the dock, though.

After our surface interval and tank refill, gearing up went quicker, and more smoothly. Figuring that since my b/f had lived after his first dive (and we weren`t going to be going any deeper than 30 ft on this second dive), I decided I`d be okay without a hood for this one and elected not to wear it. Boy did I regret it the moment we started to descend! I couldn`t believe how frozen my face felt. I got immediate "ice cream headache"...the upside being that I could clear my ears much better. And I got used to it, so...*shrug*

Anyway, we hit the other side of the quarry this time, and I showed my companion the usual attractions: space ship, armoured car, another car of indeterminate make and model, more tubes, etc. Then we fooled around on the platform for awhile before ascending. A couple of nice, easy dives :) Now I just need to see about getting the film developed so I can add a pic within a couple of days.

What did I learn from this dive? Get a hood that fits!

Coming up:

* Bonaire with my b/f the last week of June!