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Jean from Newport KY | Scuba Diver


Looking for buddies who live around here and are interested in doing in-season diving pretty much just in local quarries. I’ll not be able to go often, as I live on my own and work two full-time jobs to pay for everything (and somehow rarely have extra cash to rent the bits of gear I don’t have yet), but if you’re going to Blue Springs or Gilboa, or somewhere else not too far off, send me an e-mail and I might be able to make it :)

One thing...I`n NOT interested in being the buddy of six hundred and ninety seven thousand other divers who don`t live anywhere near me, and with whom I will likely never go diving. I am not interested in joining a buddy list filled only with scantily-clad women. If you request to be my buddy, and I go to your page to check you out and see the aforementioned screen of scantily-clad women, I will deny you. So please do not submit that request unless you are NEAR to Cincinnati and are seriously looking for a dive buddy.

I`ve taken Diver Stress & Rescue, Underwater Navigation, and Night Diving. So far I`ve only been certified in the latter-most, but should be doing the checkout dives for the first two soonish. Then I`d like to take some more classes and expand my diving horizons, such as Wreck Diving and Deep Diving.