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Drive to Key Largo
GypsyDiver - 5/04/2009 3:41 PM
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Category: Travel
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Drive to Key LargoI left Jersey on May 2 and drove to Charleston, SC. I hung out with a friend from High School. We went to a House party. Boy have things changed since HS. We drank wine and made dinner, instead of drinking Beer and eating Chips. I crashed on the couch.

May 3 I decided not to watch an ACLU briefing and fled to Florida. I flew through Savannah (I love that town). I decided not to go to Ginnie Springs since I would get there late. It would be a waste of 50 bucks to only get one dive in before they closed. I went to Orlando and crashed at another HS friends house. We went out for Italian. (What a shocker)! I crashed on a mattress in the living, Two of her dogs kept me company.

May 4 (twenty years in the Army Anniversary)(WooHoo) I left Orlando for Key Largo. The drive through Florida was nothing but cows. Very Boring. I got down to Miami. I took a couple of pictures. I want to check that city out. When I got through the last toll, I saw the Everglades. The police had a Greyhound Bus stopped and a female in handcuffs laying on her back. The Bus driver was filling out some Paperwork. I drove a little farther and saw three DOT guys leaning against a fence through stuff over it. I think they were playing with an Alligator. Pretty brave with the fence between you and the Gator. The last 30 miles was the worst. It took forever. I finally made to Key Largo. I met Joe from Oceandivers. I settled my bills. I got my room and decided to Blog about it. Stay tuned for tomorrows report!