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DUI Days at Beaver Lake
Saturn5 - 4/15/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Personal
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Went down and stayed with Robert in Fayetteville. We hit the DUI Demo day both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was about 35 degrees out and most of us were wondering why scuba diving would have come to mind under such conditions. Sunday was a nice sunny day and I thought the absolute perfect day for Dry Suit diving. Had some bouyancy issues on Saturday, but got them ironed out on Sunday. Had great bouyancy control Sunday. We took the camera and big light out on Sunday and played a bit. Some of the pictures came out... some were really pretty bad at best.. haha I put up a couple of the pictures Robert took of me while playing around with it. We found that the very fine silt in the cove would cloud up when we were going over at about 4 feet above. We watched the advance of the "storm" and tried to take some pictures of the advance from above... Those didn`t turn out all that well, but the idea was pretty cool, so thought I`d share it. I would love to be able to budget getting a dry suit in the very near future. I can see it extending my diving season by at least a month on both sides of the main season. That`s a lot of open diving. The corporate people from the DUI group were very helpful. A lot of the staffing they use are local vendors and those varied greatly. Everyone I ran across over the weekned was very nice and I enjoyed meeting quite a few people over the weekend. Even found a guy who lives just north of me who likes diving down at Beaver.... We`ll probably make a few trips together this summer. Guess that`s about it for now.


Dorkfish - 4/18/2007 12:00 AM
Glad you had a good time at the DUI event. I didn`t make it down on Saturday since the roads south of spfld were pretty bad.

Had a great dive day on Sunday, aside from discovering that my reg is not to be used in temps below 50 degrees! I dove the CLx450. Which suits did you have the chance to try? Did you get over to Helicopter Cove?

Do you believe it was worth what the event cost?