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You know you’re from the Jersey Shore when...
GypsyDiver - 2/08/2009 9:22 PM
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you wear flip-flops til it snows...and sometimes still even then

girls: your favorite bikini top is also your favorite bra

you know what a BENNY is and you hate them all with a passion

you refuse to pay for parking at the boardwalk and so you drive around for a minimum of fifteen minutes to find a residential spot

you know that point is not something you do with your finger...its a place you spend 80% of your time

you know the two greatest inventions are Fins and Surf Taco

You have consumed at least 20 lbs. of Rita’s itlaian ice in your lifetime

but you know strollo’s is better

Midnight Madness sale is like Christmas!!

there are no shoes you’d rather wear than uggs...end of story

you have absolutely no interest in the gotti boys trying to grind on you at abyss

swear words should be in the dictionary you use them so often

you do NOT under ANY circumstances pump your own gas

you have had at least one instance of partial nudity at the beach...whether intentional or unintentional

you never say "down the shore" unless you’re trying to explain to a benny where you’re from

you revel in the secrecy of bd beach (name hidden to protect its bennylessness)

you do not say new fact you know that no one from joisey does...or anyone for that matter
you don’t laugh when you tell people you’re from jersey and they say "o what exit har har har"

you know you’re the only people on earth who don’t have an accent

you can’t help but giggle when someone says wicked

girls: you’re obsessed with sunshine daydreams

the smell of the ocean is better than any other scent in the world!

you sleep on sandy sheets...all year round

you given a benny the wrong directions at least once:-)

you truly believe in your heart that we have a parallel culture to orange county, CA...and it is so true

you know you’re hair looks its best after being in the ocean

at least one of your friends genuinely does surf

you know that you can’t make a left anywhere and that the jughandle is a way of is wawa

you know that you live in the greatest place on earth when your sitting in the snow...looking at the ocean

you know that pork roll is more precious than gold and have never been more scandalized than when you found out that other people have never even heard of it..let alone consumed it


GOLDENREEF - 2/15/2009 12:35 PM
Ahhhhhhhhh....what memories you bring back........
GypsyDiver - 2/09/2009 1:28 PM

I found this on another site. These are not my views. I thought some of the things are very funny. I see a lot of truth in the lines. ;)
ANUWCNJ - 2/09/2009 1:13 PM


And what’s wrong with being a Jersey Diver??? Jersey divers are some of the best around.