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my tour at keystone.
jeff98208 - 1/15/2007 12:00 AM
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Category: Photography
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my tour at keystone.when i left my place it was a mear 17 degrees outside. and when i got to whidbey island it was no warmer. as cold as it was, i was amazed that the roads where not one big sheet of ice! the vis was better than i thought it would be, my dive buddy said it was worse than he thought it would be. since i got my dive light back, i was eager to try it out, and in some places i needed it. it was like giving a child an old toy and telling him/her it is new. :) when i got home it was only about 24 degrees. my wife and children loved the pictures i took there. one of these days i might take my brother and sister in law there so we can dive it ( well for me it`ll be again ).


sambolino44 - 1/20/2007 12:00 AM
Hey, Jeff! It`s Sam, your buddy on that dive. Yes, it was cold. But the water temp was a balmy 46F. At least you had your new dry suit. I forgot to bring quarters for the hot shower, and if I hadn`t taken the front passenger seat out of my car, I`d probably still be in that wetsuit! I picked a time with a pretty long high slack time. If you go back, make sure you check the current, because it can make a huge difference at that spot. I understand some people drift over to the pilings from the jetty, or maybe it`s the other direction, but I want to get a few more dives under my belt before I try that. Thanks for the pics.