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GypsyDiver - 5/04/2008 1:58 PM
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Category: Equipment
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X-TREME SCOOTERMy girl took advantage of X-treme scooters and purchased me an X-155 scooter for my Birthday. She took advantage of the buy two get one free deal. One goes to my girl , the other to a soldier of mine who has been diving with me. I am taking mine to the pool on tuesday and then up to Dutch Springs to try them out next weekend. I am wondering if anyone has a way to calculate the weight needed to make the scooter neutral other than trial and error as the book suggests. If anyone has suggestions please feel free. If you want to try one out with me, just let me know. My primary divebuddy will be unable to dive until (October). We are awaiting the arrival of a new diver. He is currently diving in a small body of water with Bad viz but a good temp.

6 May 2008- We took two of the scooters to the pool. We put two pounds in mine and three pounds in the other. Mine was slightly positive while the other was slightly negative. I am going to try adding another 8 ounces and see what happens. I have am wondering if anyone has any experiences with both positive or negatively bouyant scooters. I laughed when I stopped and it slowly started rising up from the 15 foot deep pool. I don’t know how funny it would be at 60 ft. We played around with them for about 2hrs until they ran out of juice. I had fun doing loops and S turns. It was a blast. I can’t wait to take them to the quarry or the Beach. Which ever comes first.


Bruno - 7/04/2008 6:50 PM
Fill the buoyancy chamber with water, 71 MM bellow the top rim. That’s 540 grams of water. Remove the back prop grill and the forward guard and discard. Remove the black shroud cover (6 screws) Under the cover, you will find rectangular shape foam floats. Take them out - leave only 12 on the top side of the shroud. If desired, install your compass at the top side of the shroud cover before re-installing the shroud cover back on to the unit. If you want to use a towing strap - the length will be around 51 inches. Depend on your scooter ring location. This trim works for me in the sea water, scooter is well trimmed and slightly negative. I have the 12 Volt GTI and the VS models. I have no experience with the 24 Volt models, but should not be that much different. I have also installed a short strap under the 2 screws at the forward part of the handles. This allow for carrying and also clipping off on one of your D rings. I do not recommend installing a D ring on to the nose cone, becau
tankmaster - 5/06/2008 4:11 PM
when I had a scooter I used 2lbs in the nose cone.
rustymich - 5/06/2008 7:03 AM
Thats a good price for those if you buy 10 please let me know how it works out Ill most likely do that and sell 6......keep 4
GypsyDiver - 5/05/2008 5:11 PM
thanks, TC. I was hoping to get someone to do the heavy and dirty work for me. I just was trying to be lazy. I know there has to be someone out there that has calculate an exact weight or done trial an error enough to determine a ballpark figure. I appreciate the help. I thought about the garbage can but couldn’t motivate myself off of the couch. I guess I will be doing the trial and error method tomorrow at the pool.
Scout - 5/04/2008 5:34 PM
Brion -

Put a big garbage can in a beer tub. Fill the garbage can up to the brim with water water. Put the scooter into the garbage can and allow the water to slosh into the tub. The amount of compensating weight your scooter needs will be the difference between the weight of the scooter and the weight of the water in the tub.

I’ll be up at Dutch Springs on Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, so I’ll see you soon!