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Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Diver Course
santy2506 - 12/17/2007 2:58 PM
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Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Diver CourseCongratulations to Elizabeth and Peter for completing the Advanced Open Water and the Enriched Air Nitrox course with me this weekend. Also, congratulations to Jessica and Andrea for completing the Enriched Air Nitrox course on Sunday. The weekend was filled with 5 great dives. The Deep LCU is a great place for a first deep dive. We descended to 95 feet and learned that it takes longer to open a combination lock at 95 feet than it does to open the same lock at the Dive Center. On Dive 2 we completed our underwater navigation at Land of Oz. After practicing our kick cycle count for a measured distance, we practiced navigating a square pattern. After the navigation skills we spent the rest of our dive exploring. The sealife was abundant and colorful with lots of fish to practice our fish ID. We also watched a large eel poking out to look at us looking at him. Dive 3 of the day was a great night dive at the same site. Even though it was the same site, it’s just not the same at night. Different critters are out and about and they create a completely different exploration experience. No wonder they say diving is dynamic, same site, same day, different time with new things to see. The same large eel knows this as well as he came out to feed on the creatures of the night. Sunday was a great day of identifying and photographing marine life. The first dive at Kea’au Corners was a great site with 60+ viz. As we watched a sea turtle come out from under an overhang, we realized there was a white tip reef shark hanging out under the same overhang. We also noticed a titan scorpionfish close to the mooring line. With great confidence in his camouflaged body, he stood still as we took our photos. The second site of the day was Turtles. The name comes from the shape of the reef. As we swam slowly and explored, we noticed a school of spotted eagle rays that is rare for this particular site. Seven of them flew gracefully through the water as cameras were flashing. Ocean Concepts offers the top of the line Sea & Sea DX-1G Digital Underwater Camera as a rental camera which we also use during the Advanced Open Water Diver Course Digital U/W Photo elective. I’m looking forward to diving with these divers as they complete their Underwater Naturalist and Digital Underwater Photographer specialties during our Adventure Dive Extravaganza on December 22. The new Sea & Sea DX-1G Digital Underwater Camera has many great features to capture the best of the underwater world to create a lifetime of memories. Write me now to see how you can become an Advanced Open Water Diver on Oahu. -Carlos