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Impossible Shot + Sharkzilla - Shark Week 2012
OceanicDreams - 8/14/2012 5:05 PM
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Impossible Shot + Sharkzilla - Shark Week 2012So far so good…after watching three episodes I have yet to see blood in the water – and that is a great thing. The Impossible Shot is just about that – pushing the limits of getting that new angle using creative and ingenious ideas + technology. There was a nice integration of some of the pioneering shark U/W videographers such as Stan Waterman and how they have progressed over time.

Both the GoPro and Phantom cameras were featured again as in the previous episode. But this one added one more variable…45 HD cameras filming at the same time to create what is know as a time splice. Some very interesting footage was captured as a result. As of now, a lot of focus seems to be going into the capability of these new cameras and how to get views that have never been captured before.

I have to admit that I breezed through the Sharkzilla episode, as I personally did not find it that interesting. However, anyone that finds, prehistoric sharks, engineering, and crowds chanting entertaining will enjoy this one.

What next…

Note: Unfortunately due to travel I will not be able to watch the other episodes until next week - will write about them then.