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DIY Scuba Tank Holder with PVC, Rope and Hose
Greg - 4/16/2012 8:03 AM
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Category: Equipment
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DIY Scuba Tank Holder with PVC, Rope and HoseWhenever a scuba diver notices my tank holder in the back of my truck, they always say "that is a great idea, I’m doing to do that too". I saw the concept online a few years ago and I built one myself. One look at this picture and you can probably figure out how to build one yourself too. Just take a trip to your local home supply store and pick up the following

- PVC pipe that’s about 2 inches in diameter
- Nylon rope
- Rubber hose big enough for Nylon rope to fit through
- Rubber o-rings from plumbing department that will fit over PVC pipe (check out o-rings for toilets)

Tools required:

- Hand saw
- Drill with large drill bit

Cut the PVC pipe in 2 feet sections. Drill holes through each end large enough for the Nylon rope to fit through. Cut 4 inch section of rubber hose to put the rope through between each section of PVC pipe. Make sure the hose is larger than the drilled hole in the PVC pipe, you want the hose to act as a soft place for the tanks to rest AND a separator to keep the PVC pipes the right distance apart. Put rubber o-rings over each end of the PVC pipe to give the tanks something soft to rest between (these will also help keep the tanks from moving back and forth).

I have a tank holder designed for two tanks and one designed for six tanks. The work great and fold up easily for storage.

If you build one, share pics on DiveBuddy.

Have fun!


SantaFeSandy - 6/04/2013 2:27 PM
But what is that black stuff Greg? Tape?
Greg - 6/04/2013 4:41 PM
This is a generic picture I found online. When I built mine, I did not put anything on the ends like that. It looks like it could be a rubber cap used to cover metal pipe. You dont need anything on the ends though.
SantaFeSandy - 6/04/2013 1:07 PM
What do you have capping your ends Greg? I actually used your measurments before cutting my PVC, and then just modified with junk around my property.
Greg - 6/04/2013 1:24 PM
I didn’t cap the ends of mine. I just used the rubber o-rings on the ends to keep them from slipping and to hold the tanks in place better.
SantaFeSandy - 6/05/2013 6:15 PM
Greg, you know if your O Rings snap, and you want to encircle the PVC of your already constructed Tank Holder, I’d recommend VET Wrap. Just loosely wrap your favorite color around the PVC a couple times, and then roll it up into a Circular gasket shape. That should stop the rack from sliding in the back of the truck. However, being that I actually tie mine to the side of the truck, yet need enough leeway to pull the tanks out and push them back in, I do not have non-slip features on mine. What I did create though, was a small handle, mounted to the center, to pull my rack towards me when I have my tail gate down.
Greg - 6/05/2013 6:21 PM
A handle in the center is a great idea!
SantaFeSandy - 6/05/2013 6:31 PM
And you can see I put a long rope handle on one side too. That one is good to tie it to my truck bed. My next creation was what I call a tow-rope. When I dive sites that have steep inclines, and loose footing, like Paradise has, I’ll fasten my 35’ tow rope to a tree and then leave on the ground by the steps.
SantaFeSandy - 6/05/2013 6:35 PM
Then, when I begin ascending back to my truck, with wet gear and a steel 77 on my back, not to mention a bunch of camera gear, all I need do is grab my knotted rope and pull myself up.
LatitudeAdjustment - 4/24/2012 10:23 AM
I took some 2" shipping foam out of the trash here, it’s rubbery not styrofoam and cut it with a jigsaw 8" high and the width of bed in the back of the wagon. Traced the bottom of a tank four times across and then ripped it across the middle of the tank circles with the jigsaw. My Mazda has D-rings so I can run a strap over the tanks to secure everything.

I made a smaller one that holds one tank and the pony on the BP&W for the beach cart.
MulletRepublic - 4/21/2012 6:19 PM
Swim noodle cut in half add rope, and you got it. Add good weather and clear water. Enjoy !!
Smithsgold - 4/18/2012 2:58 PM
My next project !!!
badintexas - 4/18/2012 6:02 AM
I don’t know how much these are in stores but the one that Greg and our boys made has lasted forever.. I would recommend making one rather than buying! You’re such a good tank-holder-maker-creator babe!