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Alan from Albany, KY 42602 KY | Scuba Diver

Hay Fellow Divers,

My name is Alan D. Cash and I am a 54 year old diver from Kentucky. My 15 year old son Luke was certified Advanced PADI Diver Christmas of 2017 and is my new best dive buddy. I am very proud of him as he is already a great diver. Diving with him is like diving with my old buddies from FIT.

In 1986 I graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with an AS in Sport Diving Operations. I ran a dive shop for about 4 years before returning to the University of Kentucky and becoming a pharmacist. I should have gotten my OUPV license then, but am just now getting around to it. As of this writing I have passed all the tests and finished most of the paper work and just waiting on processing of part of that paperwork. So hopefully I can soon call myself captain.

My son Luke and I dive together on our 22’ Robalo and it’s usually just the two of us. That works fine in the Keys where there are mooring buoys, but in places where we have to anchor I would like to have some other people go with us and dive in teams so someone can stand watch on the boat in case it breaks anchor. So, that’s what we are looking for, someone do dive with on our boat. Anybody around the Pensacola to Gulf Shores area between 7/7/19 and 7/21/19 we are looking for 2 or so other people to dive with. Also if you are a diver and have someone who don’t dive who just wants to go for a boat ride and can watch the boat while we are down, that would be great.



CapnAl - 10/23/2019 8:47 PM
Check out my dive blog page and please like. Thank you.
BtSDvr - 8/18/2019 8:00 PM
Alan, I live in Panama City. Let me know if you want an extra dive "buddy" when you are in town.